img_6796We will be back (on June 22)!

We wanted to send this out again since it contains important information. Also we wanted to make sure everyone on our mailing list is receiving these guidelines. We also updated some information about nail appointments.

If you reach out to use we can explain the procedure for our nail appointments. As for our safety and arrival guidelines those are to be followed for ALL APPOINTMENTS, hair or nails.

On June 22, 2020 starting at 10am-1pm, we will be offering Haircuts for Healthcare Heroes! As a thank you we wanted to make sure our frontliners can get pampered too, complimentary.  There is limited space so book your appointment!

Our hours we will be as follows:
Monday (Closed) Tuesday (8-6) Wednesday (8-7) Thursday (8-7) Friday (8-4) Saturday (9-4) Sunday (Closed)

As we have our wait list ready to go we will begin calling people Monday 6/8/2020. Please be understanding that it will take a few days to get back to everyone. That said we will be short staffed during our soft re-opening. Please be understanding that we are all getting to use to this! Our goal is to make everyone’s (staff included) experience as seamless as possible. Below is a list of guidelines that we would like all of our clients to read and be familiar with. I’ll try not to bore you, I promise!


  • Within this e-mail is an attachment to a waiver form. Please arrive with the printed and signed copy. This is to minimize the use of pens at the salon.
  • Please arrive promptly at your appointment. If you are more than 5 minutes late we must reschedule.
  • When you arrive we ask that you remain in your car and give us a call! 201-391-6611. This way we can tell you if the coast is clear!
  • Please enter and exit through the front door.
  • We kindly ask that you arrive to your appointment with no additional guests. Mom’s you get a break! A health-aid is an exception.
  • We will be taking your temperature upon the arrival of your appointment. At a 100.0 degrees we will have to reschedule.
  • Also we ask that if you are showing any signs of illness: fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat, shortness of breath, lack of taste and/or smell that you reschedule. If we notice any of these symptoms we will need to reschedule. (This goes for our staff too, don’t worry!)
  • Once you enter the salon you will be asked to wash your hands for 20 seconds. We can sing happy birthday for you!
  • Please arrive with a mask. It must be a mask that loops behind the ear, this is to make our job a little easier. Also please be mindful that if you are receiving a color service a small dollop of color might get on it!
  • No more coffee or food! Come to your appointment pre caffeinated! ( we can’t accept any outside food or beverages either.)
  • If you are in need of a product please ask one of us! We will retrieve the product for you!

Service guidelines:

  1. Blow Drying and self-servicing blow drying is on hold until further notice.
  2. We will still be styling your hair to bring out it’s natural beauty.
  3. All services will be priced to accommodate regrowth, corrections, and the use of our sanitation products and PPE use.
  4. Please be mindful that processing time may exceed what you are used to if there is heavy regrowth.

Cleaning and Disinfection:

  • All of the stylists have become Barbicide certified.
  • All areas and tools are cleaned and thoroughly disinfected.
  • Please allow us time before each and every service to clean and disinfect properly. And trust us the disinfectant is salon friendly, Covid Compliant, and powerful.

Small Notes:

  • We will continue to offer our Color Kits for those who are not ready to experience the salon atmosphere just yet.
  • We have gone above and beyond to be Covid compliant. Clean and disinfect the salon, repainting, purchased a touchless sink, and new shelves ( which are pretty cool by the way)
  • Sadly hugs are temporally suspended.

Alright guys, we made it to the end! Not so bad, right? Remember we just want everyone to be healthy and safe. And we absolutely cannot wait to see you!